Louise Skačej

Louise Skačej’s sculptural practice is an explorational journey through the architecture of the natural world. It examines the intercept between interior and exterior landscapes, the physical and the emotional, the documented and the imagined, the stroma and parenchyma of the universe.

Skačej converges anatomical and symbolic representations overlaying a familiar physicality with a sinuous, limber exploration of a self-examined existence. Morphology pays homage to the convoluted and sublime constructs of the universe: the course of rivers and blood vessels, the architecture of plants and corals, and myriad other multiform biological structures and speaks of the convolutions of consciousness through the language of the corporeal.

Commissions include works for both private and public sectors, including public parks, Melbourne Zoo and The Australian War Memorial. Other professional experience includes coordinating Architectural Ceramics at Monash University and establishing Aludean, a Melbourne based design and manufacturing company in partnership with artist Dean Colls.