Brain pattern 2
Brain pattern 2 – scraper board – 2015

Skačej’s repeated motif of “The Brain Pattern” represents an on going self referential discourse on continuity and the nature of ‘being’.

The artist always forms the pattern using one continuous line; “There are structural properties to this ‘brain-pattern’ that we see repeating in the action of growth and intrinsic in life forms, and a visceral aspect that for me captures and expresses a fundamental quality, like an ‘essence’ of life – a vibrating and enigmatic quality which is inherently animated. There’s an emergent property to the process where complexity evolves from a simple set of rules…that is what creates life…a single cell invaginating. I’m compulsively drawn to exploring this pattern and I find the process both obsessive, meditative and grounding – primarily because I know it’s not idiosyncratic to me, I can see it everywhere”.